Powerful Healing Techniques

Improving Your Quality Of Life

Treating the Root Causes

Some mental and physical disorders are only treated symptomatically. Here at MetAlign we treat and heal the underlying causes of many different types of mental and psychological issues. We offer new solutions that are trainable, allowing people to become specialists in their therapeutic communities. The psychological community treats the symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, PTSD in various ways. Here at MetAlign we treat and heal the true cause of the problems. We offer therapy without medications and give you the solutions to your varied physical and mental problems.

MetAlign provides compassionate solutions to complex life issues. We work with you to determine what the problems are, why they exist, and how to think out-side-of-the-box to find healing solutions. We offer painless healing with empowering outcomes.


MetAlign is a proven method of transformative healing using integrated energy therapy techniques of Reiki Energy Therapy, the human body’s Chakra System, and the measuring and assessment technique, Applied Kinesiology.

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Issues We Treat:

Healing the following is possible: Depression, Anxiety, trauma, abuse of any kind, including sexual abuse, PTSD, Claustrophobia, OCD, Chronic Fatigue, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, and more.

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Healing for Students:

As MetAlign is a step-by-step process it can be learned in improving the quality of life, Personal self-development possibilities are profound!

When a MetAlign student learns to treat and self-heal to levels of competency, it is encouraged they offer MetAlign healing to their friends and families on a casual basis.

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For students who are interested and curious about learning to learn how to heal themselves, it is my joy to teach them the MetAlign self-learning.

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“Since the initial Course, MetAlign has put me on a journey of understanding myself and who I am. The healing has been profound for me and I can feel the difference! The more I heal, the more that is being revealed and I have an inner sense of freedom, lightening my load and inner freedom. This has brought peace to our family”.
Nicole W. Hawaii