About Us

In the past 20 years, I have created, developed and validated MetAlign (Meta-transformation; Align-alignment) – an entirely new paradigm of treating disorders, diseases that allopathic medicine and psychiatry treat symptomatically. MetAlign does not replace traditional medical care; it provides complementary and integrated care in a safe, secure approach to patient care. Mind-Body therapeutic healing is achieved by the focused, compressive simultaneous treating of the human mind by the healing of emotions, healing of the mental, cognitive mind, and the healing of the innermost human core, the Spirit.  MetAlign has the potential for revolutionizing and expanding existing medical and psychiatric services for improved services for human health and well being for non-military patients as well.

MetAlign Therapy raises healing energy via the scientifically validated technology based on Quantum Physics. This is the accurate descriptor of energy and how the MetAlign technology heals on the atomic, molecular levels in the human organism.

We do this by embracing the Quantum Theory: The concept of the subdivision of radiant energy into finite quanta and applied to the numerous processes involving the transformation of energy into an atomic or molecular scale.

For some patients, profound trauma can result in Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder. The trama impacts the human Mind with the memories, feelings and becomes obsessed with the experience. The injury exists within the human core, the Spirit which requires targeted healing of the Spirit for recovery. In the mid-2000s, the MetAlign Protocol was developed to treat and stabilize the initial trauma and to additionally treat and stabilize the on-going obsessive and Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD).

The paralyzing impacts of a trauma PTSD can reside deep within the human psyche for war veterans as well as for many patients as well. Treating PTSD is limited to pharmacology and the treating of rational, Emotional, and Mental cognitive concepts. Traditional psychotherapy does not recognize nor address the innermost core of human existence, the human Spirit. This is a profound new paradigm that has far-reaching impacts for the treating and healing human condition!

Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD includes a series of healing MetAlign Therapy sessions.

Treating Depression and/or Anxiety is always the initial step to heal as it provides the platform for all subsequent energy healing therapies that exist. As the entire human organism is profoundly impacted and damaged, Depression can become increasingly toxic and complex.

Secondly, the Trauma Experience is identified and treated. In the initial trauma session, often healing of 50% is achieved, by the comprehensive healing of the experience. The Trauma Experience is treated with repeated healing sessions until the patient feels and perceives only a sense of neutrality, being an observer, knowing the Trauma Experience happened but there is no triggering of painful memories or responses. This step may require up to four individual Therapy sessions.

Thirdly, any toxic relationships whether they exist from the trauma experience or interrelationships of friends or family can serve as impediments in the recovery process. Any and all Karmic Links are identified and promptly treated and resoled.

Fourth: The overwhelming psychological impact of the Trauma Experience often results in one of two outcomes that are of high impact: Self-Destruction, including suicidal ideation; or Martyrdom, which also has profound and long-term impacts for the patient and all interrelationship challenges. These two disorders have long-term and virtually crippling impacts on the patient’s functioning and coping mechanisms. Treating and healing these two disorders require a MetAlign Therapy Protocol that requires a minimum of ten MetAlign Therapy sessions and can require up to fourteen individual Therapy sessions to achieve full recovery and functioning.

Results from working with MetAlign:

MetAlign Therapy is an entirely new paradigm of treating and healing a vast array of psychological and physical diseases and disorders with high levels of effectiveness, efficiency, painless and with high cost-effectiveness. For the vast numbers of individuals who have Mind-Body imbalances that can be treated for health issues that are ‘incurable’ in traditional medicine and psychology, there are standardized, trainable resources for recovery and adjunct pairing with the professional communities. A client is always and, in all ways, reminded to return to their primary care provider for continued care and management of their pharmacology.