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In the past 19 years, I have treated close to 4,000 individuals for their dysfunction, life struggles and abuse. For many patients, this is sufficient to meet their needs. In addition, there are some individuals who desire the ability to treat and heal their own personal memories and experiences, their frustrations, betrayals, resentments – and address their own personal memories and experiences.

All MetAlign courses are on-line and Zoom based technology ensuring a safe and secure environment.

MetAlign Course I

Prior to the course, a personal MetAlign Therapy session is scheduled to ensure optimum learning capabilities. This Course provides the abilities to treat, heal any painful memory or experience, including sexual abuse, molestation.

The two day, 2.5 hours each via online, remote learning. This course includes;

  • What is the Mind-Body-Spirit?
  • What is the relevance of Mind-Body-Spirit healing?
  • The 9 MetAlign healing tools
  • The scientific MetAlign Therapy Technology
  • Skill-set development of MetAlign Technology

Follow-up sessions (2) scheduled to within 5 days for skill-set refinement; mentoring; coaching; Q&A

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MetAlign Course II

An online Course, two days, 2.5 hours each day

  • Advanced MetAlign Concepts
  • Multi-Dimensional aspects of MetAlign Therapeutic healing
  • What is Karma and the relevance it has personally, in organizations, national relevance
  • The treating of Organizational Dysfunction.
  • The MetAlign Therapy precise treating any/all Karmic Links
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MetAlign Course III

An online Course, two days, 2.5 hours each day

A variety of physical disorders/diseases are caused by or have their origins in the Mind-Body-Spirit paradigm.  Therefore, if a physical disorder/disease has its origins in a Mind-Body-Spirit. Therefore, treating with a physical treatment plan will be ineffective.

The MetAlign Assessment Tool is employed determine cause/origins of any physical disorder/disease and measures individually the contributing factors: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spirit origins.

Secondly, When it has been determined there is a Mind-Body-Spirit cause, a MetAlign Therapy Treatment is developed  to assure comprehensive therapeutic healing outcomes,

The following disorders have been successively treated with a MetAlign Treatment Protocol: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder; Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis; hip and knee disorders, among others.

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MetAlign Course IV

An online Course, two days, 2.5 hours each day.

The 7 Personality Obstacles become the basis of an individual’s compromised functioning and are a result of long-term dysfunction and traumas. Included the following: Greed; Self-Destruction; Arrogance; Self-Deprecation; Martyrdom; Impatience and Stubbornness. The recognition and relevance of each provide insights into the human condition. Adolescents and teenagers often exhibit obstacles due to their struggles with personal self-develop challenges. Two of the Obstacles have both significant and toxic impacts: Self-Destruction, the basis of destructive behaviors and can lead to suicidal ideation and action; Martyrdom has toxic, crippling self-defeating behaviors and functioning.  Adolescent and teenage disorders of run-away, cutting, school, and family challenges have been treated and resolved.

Precise and detailed MetAlign Therapy Protocols with specificity to the individual, provide comprehensive and measurable recovery for each of the 7 Personality Obstacles.  The therapeutic outcomes are dramatic and impactful.

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MetAlign Course V

An online Course, two days, 2.5 hours each day.

  • The MetAlign-EdenGrace Essences; history and origins of the Essences
  • MetAlign healing the MetAlign-EdenGrace Essences
  • The personal use of Essences in Therapeutic self-stabilization
  • The four MetAlign Therapies utilizing the Essences:
    • The Energy Clearing of Land, Spaces, Buildings
    • Balancing of Microbes in Infectious Disorders
    • The Post-Death Spirit Transition Healing
    • The Adjustment Process – the most advanced MetAlign process available
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